How To Select The Best Mobile Application Developer

When selecting the ideal app developer for your mobile application it is important to look beyond past works and a flashy website and really get to know the app developer who holds the success of your App in their hands. read her latest blog posted at

There are 3 important factors which you can use to evaluate when working through the application developer selection process, none of which are related to how great a developer’s website appears or what projects the app developer has completed in the past.

Selecting the right mobile application developer for your iPhone, iPad or Android App is crucial to maximize your mobile application’s success opportunities. This selection process will determine the long-term payback on your app investment whether that be related to business revenue, branding KPI achievements or entertainment revenue.

Here are the 3 criteria to consider when selecting your app developer.

Response Time: This is the first criteria which relates directly to that first contact that you as the customer make with the app developer and how that developer respects your need for a sense of urgency and speed of business.

If you have emailed an enquiry do you receive a (non-automated) response within 30 minutes, 5 hours or 3 days? Is it by phone or email? Sure mobile developers are busy today, but if they are operating a professional business they will have systemic processes in place to ensure each customer or potential customer receives the very best focus, attention, and service.

Project Management: If the proposal you receive from the app developer is a few sentences or worse a single line and a price, then walk away. This is a clear indication that they are unprepared to invest the necessary time and effort to understand your business, brand or organization’s application requirements.

Ideally, you would be receiving the most detailed WBS or the so-called Work Breakdown Statement complete with milestones and timelines and preferably a very detailed specification if you have not provided one of your own.

Additional Services: Whilst a focused app designers is far better selection as your app partner than a part-time web developer/part-time app developer, to really get the most from your app development integrating your app into a complete digital marketing plan can have more far reaching impact.

Using the same app developer team that has developed a deep understanding of the app through the development process to undertake certain development and the implementation of your digital marketing plan can accelerate the said process as well as ensure you precise app ethos is maintained through these marketing efforts. get additional tips related to app development straight from the source.

If your customers, fans and followers don’t know about your app and don’t download and use it, then what’s the point of developing it?

These additional services could include:

  • Creation of an SEO optimized app micro site,
  • Creation of promotional video,
  • Implementing list building systems
  • Organizing the event and PR for your app’s launch party.


These are fundamentals of project management and an app development is no different from any other building construction or software construction project in this regard.