"I'll think about it."

It's your worst nightmare when you're trying to boost sales.

You've done everything right. You led them right down your slippery slide. You grabbed their attention with an amazing headline, got them nodding in agreement with "yes" questions, overcome every objection, established trust, and created excitement in your product.

Finally, it's the moment of truth. They get to the end and say to themselves, "I'll think about it."

That means "nice try" in business-speak It means "you almost pulled it off." So close.

Why didn't you get the sale? What was missing?

A compelling call to action. 

Want to change that, starting right now? 

In 5 minutes, you'll be armed with a simple formula. If you put it to use today, you'll get more responses - more sales, more readers, more comments, more subscribers - responses that grow your business. 

Enough, already. What's the formula?

"What, How, Why"

When you incorporate "what, how, and why" into your calls to action, you make it easy to do business with you. Sometimes, this means stating what seems obvious to you. But if your readers have to guess, chances are good they'll leave without doing anything. Make your call to action clear. 

What do you want me to do when I come to your site? Buy your product? Join your mailing list? Visit your store? Call for a quote?

Say so. 

How do I do what you want? Click a button? Send an email? Call a phone number? Say so, clearly and specifically. You'll send your response rate through the roof.

Why should I do what you want? What do I get out of it? Is it worth my time? Is it hard? Remember: I'm looking for a reason to bail. Tell me what I get for my effort. Am I getting free information in exchange for my email? A discount on your product? Why should I bother with your offer?

Depending on your offer, you may need to add one more ingredient to your "call to action" secret sauce: "What's next?" 

What happens after I give you my email? After I purchase, is there service after the sale? When I click on that button, what's on the other side? People like surprises on birthdays and Christmas, but not when doing business. Let people know what to expect, so they'll feel comfortable taking action.

How does this work, in the real world?

"Enter your email address in the form below and click 'Submit' to subscribe to my weekly newsletter - Packed with easy-to-implement strategies you can use today to grow your business. Don't miss another sales-boosting issue."

What do I want you to do? Sign up for my newsletter. How? "Enter your email address in the form below and click 'Submit' to subscribe." Why should you? Because it's "packed with easy-to-implement strategies you can use today to grow your business." And, you'll miss sales-boosting issues if you don't. 

It's not rocket science, but effective calls to action are missing from most websites I see. What about yours? Do something about it today, and watch the difference your call to action makes in your business.

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12/17/2012 4:26am

Liking your blog, man. I'm still learning how to "sell myself." And being on Wordpress.com and not.org with my own personalized template and domain makes it tough. Still learning though.

Would love your opinion on my CTA on my welcome page, I basically simplify my menu for them in action terms. It hasn't been working yet, so far. I have several blog followers, but no comments, and it has been 3 months.

12/17/2012 1:49pm

Hi Willi,
Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to following your blog.

Great point: It's so challenging to sell yourself, even when you're a pro at selling products and services for others. I think that's because it's awkward to step outside of yourself and into the other person's shoes, when the "product" is "you." It's hard to remain objective.

I like the look of your site. It's very easy to find everything I need from the navigation menu. I would consider 2 things about the Welcome page, though:

1. What's the ONE thing you want potential clients to do most? In my sales experience, I've learned that too many options makes people do nothing. I'm guessing the one thing you want people to do is contact you to discuss their project. Focus on that. If I want to see all the other stuff, it's easy for me to find. But make it clear what you want me to do.

2. Why should I do it? How's my life going to be better because I contacted you? Be as specific as possible. Don't know what those benefits are? Ask.

That's how I decided what to focus on with Cajun Copy. I asked business owners about their experiences with other writers, and what they wanted most in a writer.

What do you want me to do?
How do I do it?
Why should I go through the trouble?

Think through those questions, and you'll walk away with a strong call to action.

I'll be posting an exercise on the blog this week that you won't want to miss. It'll help you dig deeper into what you have to offer, so your call to action rocks.

Enter your email address in the box in the upper right corner so you don't miss it.

12/17/2012 4:11pm

I deleted a paragraph thanks to your suggestion. Thanks!

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