"Look at me! Everybody look at me!"

If you saw someone waving his arms frantically, shouting this at the top of his lungs, would you buy something from him? 

If I shine a bright light in your eyes, while screaming in your ear about my amazing product, how likely are you to buy from me? You're more likely to punch me in the nose.

Is your business grabbing attention - for all the wrong reasons?

Everybody tells you that your headline must grab attention. That's partially correct. Your headline must make me want to listen to what you have to say. But I'm busy, and so are the rest of your prospects. They're not going to work hard to convince themselves that your message is worth their time.

Your readers are looking for a reason to bail. So ditch the bright, obnoxious colors. Throw out the "shock and awe" headlines. Don't give them a reason to run, before they hear what you have to say.

You're destroying your reputation with "tactics." People see right through sales gimmicks and tricks, like this one:

This is an ad I came across on Facebook today. This ad tells your target audience 2 important things about your company:

  1. You don't believe in your product or service, because you're hiding it behind a gimmick.
  2. You are willing to lie to get attention. 

What's missing? I have no idea who you are, what you're offering, or why I should care. I'm not even curious. You wasted your money.

Will some people click on the ad, thinking it'll lead to a message from their Facebook friend? Sure. Then what? They'll see you were lying, and hit the "back" button. 

How could this make a difference in your marketing, starting today?

Simple. Look at your homepage. Consider the headlines you use in your advertising. Look at things from your potential customer's perspective. 

Why is what you have to say worth her time? How does your message make her life better, solve her problems, erase her fears, or enable her to make her dreams come true? Why is what you have to say useful to your target reader? 

Does your headline communicate that benefit? If not, rewrite your headlines to speak directly to your prospects, in a way that matters to them. Better yet, email me and let's talk about how I can help.

Don't become known for gimmicks. If you do, you'll be broke in no time. Instead, tell people why your message should matter to them, and watch what happens.

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08/14/2013 11:23am

thanks for the post.

i'm wondering: do sneaky ads (like your example) let the website they are on (in this case facebook) look bad or not that trustworthy?


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