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If you could write newsletters your customers love to read, what would that mean to your business? When people think of their problem, wouldn't it be cool if your solution was the one that came to mind first? 

What if your company's website made people want to know more about your products? Most of the time, people click away within seconds. 

Filled with distractions, they quickly scamper to put out the latest fire and forget that you exist. What if you could hold their attention, keep it, and keep them coming back to hear what you have to say?

You're only 4 words away from the power to create that kind of content any time you need it. Keep your blog fresh with posts people want to read and share. Create sales letters that magnetically draw your customer toward the sale. Make your homepage stand out with information that matters. 

In only 4 words.

Open a blank document in your word processor, and write your topic at the top. Don't worry about getting it perfect. Keep it simple: "Exercises to Lose Weight," or "Tips for Growing Tomatoes," or "How to Be Productive." Keep it Simple. 

Here are the 4 words:

"This is interesting because..."

Before you groan and click away, try the rest of this exercise. If you do, you'll never struggle through writing the old way again.

Write, "This is interesting because..." and finish the sentence. Write whatever comes to mind, as fast as you can.

Next, write "This is interesting because..." and finish the sentence. 

Do it again. And again.

And again.

Keep going until you hit that moment where you go, "WOW. I never thought about it like that." 

What does this do? First, it shows you whether your topic is interesting or not. It's better to find out now, before you create your entire website around an idea no one cares about. Find a more interesting topic, and make that the central focus of your website. 

More importantly, this brings you deep into the heart of what matters most to the people reading your stuff. When you get there, you'll show that you "get" them. They'll feel you understand what it's like to be in their world, with their problems and struggles. Your solution automatically begins to appeal to them more.

But here's where the rubber meets the road: none of this matters if you walk away saying, "Neat!" and do nothing. It'll cost you five minutes to supercharge your newsletter article, blog post, or web copy with what matters most to your reader. Try it.

What strategies help you overcome writer's block? Please let me know in the comments below. 

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01/03/2013 4:38pm

Thanks for the encouragement! I think this will be a great tool for my new newsletter. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with it at the moment. It may literally be just some encouraging quotes or something until I can decide what direction to take it in. That's why the page is currently hidden. :) I look forward to more feedback.

01/04/2013 3:54am

Hey Willi,

I know you'll do great. Ask your target audience what drives them nuts every day. What gets under their skin? Give them information that soothes their pain, and they'll keep coming back for more.

01/20/2013 4:47pm

Hi Jesse. I wanted you to know that I used this technique to finish this post:


I was about halfway through it and I ran out of steam. I remember the thought, "What was I thinking? This isn't going anywhere." And then I remembered this post. I went to my last paragraph and typed, "This is interesting because..." and I was off and running.

Your tip helped me improve my confidence as a writing, *and* helped me meet a deadline. Thx!

01/20/2013 11:44pm

Hi Mary,

Thanks for letting me know it worked for you! The best ideas in the world aren't worth a penny if you don't try them. Great post, by the way. Loved what you said about being an "“instrument of inspiration."

Thanks for sharing your experience with the technique.


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