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In the battle for your customer's attention, every second counts. You must make a lasting impression quickly, or risk getting left behind by the frantic pace. 

Information flies at your customer fast. You'll be caught standing still if you don't stand out right away. 

But how do you stand out for all the right reasons? How do you create marketing messages that resonate and tell your story in a way that captivates? 

Before you send that Tweet, newsletter, or press release, think. Before you publish that webpage or article, run it through the checklist below. Your reputation will soar as a company that provides value in the information you send. 

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He had every reason to burn with anger. 

He used the anger that burned inside of him to inspire a nation. 

He changed the course of history, through a message that resonated with any person of decent moral character.

And his powerful example could inspire you today. 

Dr. Martin Luther King changed a nation through his powerful message, peaceful character, and steadfast determination to stand up for what he believed in. 

Today, take a few moments to let these thoughts inspire you to accomplish things that matter deeply in your sphere of influence. 

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"I'm not a salesperson."

"I'm no good at sales."

Yes you are. 

In the next 5 minutes, I'll prove it to you. 

You sell every day. When you argue, debate, and discuss something with someone you disagree with, you're selling the idea that you're right.

You're selling yourself when you talk to strangers and they ask, "What do you do?" 

When you post some link on Twitter or update your status on Facebook, you're selling others on the idea that what you've posted is interesting enough for them to read.

So why has "salesman" become such a dirty word?

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Today, I want you to adopt 
a new habit that will boost your confidence, raise your credibility, and increase sales. 

If you're not asking for testimonials from satisfied customers, you're throwing money in the trash. 

If you're asking, I want you to ask in a different way.


Because your testimonials may be costing you money.

What a Testimonial Needs to Do

Nobody wants to be first. People want to know your product or service has some sort of track record before they'll trust you enough to spend their money. The reassuring words of people just like you soothe your worries. 

Or do they?

Many testimonials lack that "friend telling a friend" feeling. Instead, they come across as the salesman yelling, "See? They say it's great! Ready to buy?"

Generic testimonials cost you business because they sound like this:

People considering your product want to hear someone say, "I've been in your shoes. I've experienced what you're going through. Let me show you what worked for me. I no longer have this problem, and you can experience the same thing." Let's make that happen, starting today.

Here's how.

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Want to look back on 2013 with amazement at all you accomplished? Keep these 3 questions handy. Ask them whenever you feel yourself getting off track. Instead of setting new year's resolutions you know you'll never keep, use this simple approach to become unstoppable.

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If you could write newsletters your customers love to read, what would that mean to your business? When people think of their problem, wouldn't it be cool if your solution was the one that came to mind first? 

What if your company's website made people want to know more about your products? Most of the time, people click away within seconds. 

Filled with distractions, they quickly scamper to put out the latest fire and forget that you exist. What if you could hold their attention, keep it, and keep them coming back to hear what you have to say?

You're only 4 words away from the power to create that kind of content any time you need it. Keep your blog fresh with posts people want to read and share. Create sales letters that magnetically draw your customer toward the sale. Make your homepage stand out with information that matters. 

In only 4 words.

Business is important, and I love what I do. But this Christmas season, I hope you'll take the time to hug those you love tightly and remind yourself about why you do what you do every day. 

Take this opportunity to reflect on what's most important to you. Come back with a fresh perspective and determination to make 2013 the best ever for your business. 

I'll be back after Christmas with a technique that will infuse your sales copy or website with life. You won't want to miss it, so drop your email in the box to the right. Your business will thank you for it.

While you're here, take 3 minutes to watch this video and remember what Christmas is all about. See you on the other side.

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"I'll think about it."

It's your worst nightmare when you're trying to boost sales.

You've done everything right. You led them right down your slippery slide. You grabbed their attention with an amazing headline, got them nodding in agreement with "yes" questions, overcome every objection, established trust, and created excitement in your product.

Finally, it's the moment of truth. They get to the end and say to themselves, "I'll think about it."

That means "nice try" in business-speak It means "you almost pulled it off." So close.

Why didn't you get the sale? What was missing?

A compelling call to action. 

Want to change that, starting right now? 

Content is king. Everybody tells you that. You know your business needs content for your website or blog. 

Day after day, hour after hour, you run from one task to the next. You put out fires all day in your business. Who has time to stare at a blank computer screen, wondering what to write about?

By the time you get to the bottom of this post, you'll posses 3 powerful techniques to cut through the time-wasting blank stare. You'll spring into action, armed with hundreds of content ideas to beef up your website or blog. Go ahead. Strut your stuff, gain subscribers, and boost sales without wasting time you can't afford to lose.

Ready? Let's go.

"Look at me! Everybody look at me!"

If you saw someone waving his arms frantically, shouting this at the top of his lungs, would you buy something from him? 

If I shine a bright light in your eyes, while screaming in your ear about my amazing product, how likely are you to buy from me? You're more likely to punch me in the nose.

Is your business grabbing attention - for all the wrong reasons?

Everybody tells you that your headline must grab attention. That's partially correct. Your headline must make me want to listen to what you have to say. But I'm busy, and so are the rest of your prospects. They're not going to work hard to convince themselves that your message is worth their time.

Your readers are looking for a reason to bail. So ditch the bright, obnoxious colors. Throw out the "shock and awe" headlines. Don't give them a reason to run, before they hear what you have to say.

You're destroying your reputation with "tactics." People see right through sales gimmicks and tricks, like this one:

This is an ad I came across on Facebook today. This ad tells your target audience 2 important things about your company:

  1. You don't believe in your product or service, because you're hiding it behind a gimmick.
  2. You are willing to lie to get attention. 

What's missing? I have no idea who you are, what you're offering, or why I should care. I'm not even curious. You wasted your money.

Will some people click on the ad, thinking it'll lead to a message from their Facebook friend? Sure. Then what? They'll see you were lying, and hit the "back" button. 

How could this make a difference in your marketing, starting today?

Simple. Look at your homepage. Consider the headlines you use in your advertising. Look at things from your potential customer's perspective. 

Why is what you have to say worth her time? How does your message make her life better, solve her problems, erase her fears, or enable her to make her dreams come true? Why is what you have to say useful to your target reader? 

Does your headline communicate that benefit? If not, rewrite your headlines to speak directly to your prospects, in a way that matters to them. Better yet, email me and let's talk about how I can help.

Don't become known for gimmicks. If you do, you'll be broke in no time. Instead, tell people why your message should matter to them, and watch what happens.

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